Останал шокиран и не можел да верува – криела 3 месеци, а потоа на очувот му признала што направила

Својата приказна на Фејсбук ја споделила девојка која за својот 18 роденден направила нешто навистина посебно.
Раскажала како нејзината мајка го запознала нејзиниот очув додека таа имала само една година, а парот се венчал една година подоцна.

Таа одлучила во еден момент да го промени своето презиме и да го земе презимето на очувот. Издала книга на спомени и фотографии од денот кога тој човек влегол во нивниот живот.

Целиот свој план го спровела на дело 3 месеци пред неговиот роденден, а потоа во книгата открила што сторила.

Thank You For Everything, Dad

"I surprised my dad for his birthday with changing my last name to his. My mom met my stepdad when I was 1 and after a year they married and my dad enlisted in the Air Force. We were off to the Edwards AFB. I never once called him by his name nor called him my step dad. He was my dad and did so much for me growing up. On my 18th birthday I saved up the money to go to the court house and speak to a judge to get my name hyphenated. I was now legally a Benitez. However my mom and I kept this a secret from my dad for 3 months. That is until his 37th birthday when I made him a scrap book from the exact day we met to the picture I took with the judge and with my documents stating I legally had his last name. My dad is a very strong man who served our country and served our city as a police officer. So seeing him cry wasn't in his usual character. However that was the best birthday he's ever had because he's my best friend; this brought us even closer."Support Love What Matters by purchasing our new book in time for graduation or Father's Day! http://amzn.to/2qQ6yG7 ❤#LoveWhatMattersA Love What Matters Original Story

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